The Kings

Nolan North
is known for his work as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series, the "Prince" in Prince of Persia, Desmond Miles in the Assassin's Creedseries, and is the current recurring voice of Deadpool soon to be featured in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Fred Tatasciore
is known for voicing the Hulk in the Ultimate Avengers, Next Avengersand Hulk Vs as well as voicing Saren from the critically acclaimed game Mass Effect.

Steve Blum
 is known for his work in anime and video games, including the voice of Spike Spiegel of the anime series Cowboy Bebopand Mugen of the anime series Samurai Champloo. He has also played X-Men's Wolverine in numerous games, in the animated series Wolverine and the X-Men, the animated movie Hulk Vs and The Super Hero Squad Show.

Valerie Arem
 is known for her work in animation, video games and commercials - Her recent work includes Call of Duty: Black Ops, Red Faction Armageddon, Ridge Racer series, X-Files Online, Everquest Adventures, Knowledge Adventure series, H2Overdrive, F-22 Lightning, Commanche3, Enchanted Arms, Max Steel, Nox, MechWarrior3057, Metal Fatigue, Thrill Kill, Golden Nugget, Forced Alliance and others.

Keith Arem
is one of the leading directors and producers in the game industry and serves as Creative Director and President of PCB Productions. Arem has produced, directed and engineered over 500 commercial releases in the film, music, television and interactive industries, including franchises for: Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, Spiderman, X-Men, Lord of the Rings, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Everquest, SOCOM, Prince of Persia, Rainbow Six, Iron Man, Ridge Racer and Ascend.